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1. A 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid to book your session. Deposit does apply to session cost. If your session requires a travel fee, that must be paid in advance at time of deposit.
(Your date will only be held for 24 hours once Terms/Deposit Info have been sent over. If I do not receive both within that 24 hours, the date will be listed as available to other clients.)
2. An invoice will be emailed to you once your deposit has been paid. Remainder must be paid in advance or day of session via original form of payment, check or cash. 
3. I will only allow you to reschedule ONCE. After that - I will no longer allow bookings from you.
4. WEATHER: In the event that the weather conditions are not desirable for the session based on Photographer recommendations, the session will need to be rescheduled. Due to liability and equipment damages this decision will be at Photographer’s discretion
5. I am not required to keep the photos. You will have access to your album on my site for 12 months after our session date. It is your responsibility to save, print....etc. the photos before then. Your album retires from my website 12 months after the link has been sent to you & I cannot access your photos after that point. So please remember to download your photos!
6. I will publish some photos from your session on my social media sites.
7. I will not send you any original photos. All have been touched up/edited by ME to maintain my style. Editing style is subject to change. 
8. I will not morph your body in any way, even if requested. I can take out a stain or a bruise, zit...etc, but I will not change your physical appearance.
9. Photos will be back to you within 25 days. If we aren't in AUG-NOV - you can expect them a little sooner! Please DO NOT reach out any earlier and ask about photos as I've shared my turnaround time many times. I know you are excited, but I promise I'm working on getting your photos back to you ASAP! I will not respond to messages asking about turnaround times.
10. If there is a fee to an area (of your choice) that we are using for photos, it is your responsibility to pay that fee.
11. CLOTHES: If you need help, I can send you some inspo. Don't be afraid to ask, outfit selection can really make or break a photo session! - Also, try on before our session to make sure it fits properly and is functional to move around in. If you don't like your arms, wear long sleeves...back to #8 - I will not morph your body! Just some things to think of when deciding what to wear.
12. How many outfits? UP TO - 2 for couples, 3 for College Seniors, 5 for High School Seniors, 1 for Family. -You don't have to change outfits during our session, but if you are wanting to, this info is for you.
13. COMMUNICATION IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME. Feel free to check in with me a couple days before our session, I will  get ahold of you at least 3-4 days before our session to check in. Make sure to check your email & junk folder, expecting a message from me. If I have not heard back from you within 24 hours of our session, you will be considered a no show and I will send notice of reschedule. If you do not plan on attending your session, let me know instead of avoiding me. 
14. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your session and I have not heard from you, you will be considered a no show and placed on my 'no book' list.
15. LOCATION - must be determined at time of booking.
16. PAYMENT - Session must be paid in full ahead of time or at the beginning of our session. If I have not received payment after session, I will hold photos for 48 hours until I discard them.
18. EMAIL IS MY MAIN SOURCE OF COMMUNICATION. Please do not text, snapchat, personal Facebook message me regarding your session! 

Sign & Agree

Thanks for signing!

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